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Mission and Vision

Category: Profile

To Provide Sustainable Green Rubber Solutions that Prosper with the Nation

To Be the Largest and Most Preferred Rubber Solution Provider (to Customers and Suppliers) in the World.

To carry out the above stated mission and work toward fulfilling the vision, a set of corporate values, known by the acronym KIRANAKU, is adopted as the basis for the Group’s distinct corporate culture, which stands for the following:

  • K (“Kerjasama Kelompok”) = Team Work — Based on the belief that the total contribution from the sum is always greater than its parts.
  • I (“Integritas”) = Integrity — Maintain honesty at all times and act consistently with stated intention.
  • R (“Rasa Tanggung Jawab”) = Responsibility — Always see every task through to its completion with utmost earnestness.
  • A (“Antusias”) = Enthusiasm — Meet any challenges tirelessly with full vigor.
  • N (“Nilai Tambah”) = Added Value — Continually seek real improvement for every assigned task and in performing every duty.
  • A (“Analitis”) = Analytical — Constantly try to understand the “what” and “why” of any effort before defining “how” to carry out.
  • K (“Kepuasan Pelanggan”) = Customer Satisfaction — Always aim for delivering beyond customer’s expectation.
  • U (“Unggul”) = Excellence — Strive for the best and seek better ways to achieve better results from time to time.