New: Beware Of Recruitment Scam!

21 January 2016 - 
Category: Kirana Info

Recently there have been several cases of recruitment fraud targeting job applicants for PT Kirana Megatara. The perpetrator typically would ask for upfront payment to the applicant citing the need to cover expenses such as transportation and accommodation in Jakarta. This mode of operation has been reported and confirmed by several potential victims who contacted the Human Resources Department.

PT Kirana Megatara does not charge any fee whatsoever for recruitment process, nor do we have any working contract with travel agencies or similar organizations regarding recruitment. All communication with us is done through the official email address with the domain, and not with any other domains, such as or

Please take heed of the above warning and information, and wish all job applicants would be more aware of possible scams.


HR Recruitment, PT Kirana Megatara.