Tirta Sari Surya’s Latrines For The Less Fortunate Families

01 September 2015 - 
Category: Kirana Info

DSC02058 1DSC02060 2PT Tirta Sari Surya in cooperation with the local Military District Command 0302, Indragiri Hulu, Riau, is conducting a charitable act in the form of helpinypig less fortunate families to have a latrine. This project is to be completed by December 2015.

Latrines would be installed inside the houses, especially for those who live on the banks of the Indragiri river. To date, activities such as bathing, washing, and public sanitary uses, are all done outside making use of the river flowing through the residential area. Typically, a nearby public sanitary is constructed out of a cloth of canvas, combined with whatever wooden planks can be found, and the waste is normally discharged to the river.

Through this CSR program, any resident wishes to own one must register and would be given one latrine and septic tank inside his/her house for free. It would not be a public latrine since the intention is to help raise each family’s health standard.

Chief of Military District 0302, Let. Col. Infantery Edison S. Sinabutar S SOS pointed out that the infrastructure work of both public and private latrines has started even prior to the End of Ramadhan’s Holy Day, which was on 14th June 2015. Information on families without a latrine had been gathered by members from the Military District Command together and from the local community.

Plant Director Tirta Sari Surya, Wesly M. Simatupang, handed over symbolically a latrine set to the officer of the Kuantan Babu Village, Sargent Arman, accompanied by the Commander of the Military Sub-District, Capt. Infantery Siswandi in one of the villager’s premises, on Thursday, 30th July 2015.

Wesly embraced the entire cooperation program as it is aligned with the corporate CSR mission: “Benefit from this latrine installation program is the increased level of public health as sanitation forms the basic needs that must exist in any community. A permanent, clean and proper latrine would protect the community from all sorts of desease, such as diarrhea, dengue fever, malaria, plague, and so on.”

This latrine program is the first of its kind conducted by Tirta Sari Surya. Previous CSR activities are in the form of basic free-medication, scholarships, and others. Tirta Sari Surya, said Wesly, will continue to develop its CSR program as mandated by the coporate’s mission and the shareholders. (Yoppy/Fitri)***