Collaboration between KM Group & Stiching Nederlandse Vrijwilligers (SNV) and The Forest Trust (TFT)

On Monday, April 23rd 2018 at office Kirana Megatara (KM) Group, Managing Director Daniel Tirta Kristiadi together with Community & Sustainability Development Division Head Thefan Kurniawan signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Country Director Stiching Nederlandse Vrijwilligers (SNV) Ismène R.A.C Stalpers, and chairman The Forest Trust (TFT) Indonesia Aris Priyambodo.


Collaboration between company and SNV already run since 2017. This year, both sides agreed to extend until 2019. KM Group and SNV was agreed to colaborate in sustainable natural rubber production by supporting productivity improvement, quality of natural rubber, forest conservation,  water management and human rights & labor.


In MoU, company & SNV agreed to use Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) approach to improve production and quality of rubber farmers, improve standard of rubber farmers’ live, improve low-emission rubber processing and prevent deforestation. This approach was chosen because in line with sustainable natural rubber which currently being intensively voice by downstream parties of rubber supply chain.  This agreement will involve purchasing team and sourcing development officer at factory so the activities performed better and right on target.


Meanwhile, related to rurality program, KM Group and TFT do their first time collaboration in the form of community empowerment of rubber farmers and another household economic.  The collaboration will take place for one year ahead at some villages in West Kalimantan.


Community & Sustainability Development Division Head Thefan Kurniawan said it will become a good collaboration between private sector and NGO. “rubber industry in Indonesia was dominate by small farmers so participation from many parties was needed by company so rubber farmers can have enough capacity and ability to improve their standard living. On only rubber farmers, the impact will also be felt by the company, that is the sustainability of rubber industry” he said. (Red)