About CSR


Kirana Megatara Group has a strong commitment to carry out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a planned and sustainable. CSR activities are jointly planned by the head office and the corresponding business units, in accordance to the social-economy conditions and needs of the local communities.

CSR activites typically fall into four of the following types:

Educational program

Such as scholarship awards for elementary, middle-and hight-school students, and donations for local school building renovations.

Public Health Program

Ex. free-check-up and medication day event.

Community Development

Develop Community’s economy through infrastructure improvement such as repaving acces road and local bridge.

Religious Program

Such as instance, aid for renovation of worship houses, mass circucision event, donation of sacrificial animals ("qurban"), and special attention for the orphans and the pope..

In the area of sustainable environment, company consistently promotes efforts of local greenery and village hygiene. The adoption of the latest technology for activated sludge process in treating plant's liquid waste is an example of the Group's effort to preserve the environment.

As for solid wastes, these are sent to authorized institutes for further processing. Kirana Megatara Group also conducts routine periodic testing and monitoring, and controls levels of gas emission and noise at each of its plant.

The CSR Program are manifested from founder's commitment along with the corporate mission: "To Provide Sustainable Green Rubber Solutions that Prosper with the Nation.."